Enjoyed the first time you dashed some turtles?

Epic Combo Redux will now make the experience twice as fun!

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Epic Combo style hasn't changed much from the first game, however you're given more levels to complete as well as more weapons to unlock and ways to make more quick cash from the turtles you dash.

Instructions, hints and tips
The game now offers upgraded graphics and an even better weapon shop for you to choose from! You will win the game once you've reached a certain combo, which is achievable only if you buy the right upgrades and weapons, and if your strategy is good enough. However, the strategy you make will need to be remade several times as you'll start earning quick cash once you've placed some combo-getting weapons here and there in the room. At that time, you can probably sit back, relax and watch how the combo counter is going straight up! Epic Combo Redux will make the first game look almost a bit weak, as with new graphical art and a more advanced physics engine the whole backend system has gotten a renovation in order to make the game more fun for you to enjoy. You probably would want to play through the game without closing your browser or leaving the game as it doesn't have a save progress option. You probably don't want to start all over again, however the game is very time consuming and hours will probably fly away while playing Epic Combo 2.

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